Jason Chan's guide to Hong Kong

Jason Chan's guide to Hong Kong

Written by The West Winds on 27 May, 2015


The West Winds inscrutable navigator and ships mixologist, Mr Jackie Chan, ventured to

the exotic Fragrant Harbour, the pearl of the Orient where East meets West, earlier this

month looking to expose the locals to some of our cheeky little cocktails.

Now better known as the  Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic

of China (hats off to the marketing department for that one...certainly rolls off the tongue)

the place is best known for food, knock off fashion and it even has a Disneyland. That

said, any city that has a bronze statue of Bruce Lee can be forgiven for a multitude of sins.

Jackie managed to spend every waking hour in a bar, on the way to a bar or getting

escorted from a bar and flew the West Winds flag with pride.

We managed to pin him down for a few one liners...

Ping Pong Gintoneria (http://www.pingpong129.com) – Jason ran a massive 6 hour tasting

session at this Spanish style gin bar and host,  Juan, was super impressed with the gins

and the chat. We need to get some bush tomatoes to him for use as a garnish so please, if

anyone is heading there soon, we need a mule.

Mizunara the library- you're in safe hands with mendo-san at the helm…has Japanese

style precision and encyclopaedic knowledge of cocktails.

‘On’ Dining. (http://www.ontop.hk/) amazing venue 28 levels up in the air one of Hong

Kongs great balconies to enjoy a West Winds martini made with mancino vermouth.

“thanks again Giancarlo!!!”

The Stockton (http://www.stockton.com.hk/) classy,dark and moody....perfect.

Quinary (http://www.quinary.hk) . As they say, with renowned bartender Antonio Lai at the

helm, expect the unexpected.

Fu Lu Shou (https://www.facebook.com/FuLuShouHK) is a modern take on a cocktail

dumpling bar. Brilliant spot, grunge meets amazing food and drink.

Butler Shelter in Central and Tsim Sha Tsui (https://www.facebook.com/pages/Bar-Butler-

Shelter) , Japanese style bar, well worth the visit.

Chachawan Thai Restaurant and Bar (https://www.facebook.com/chachawan.hongkong)

Lovely people..they facebooked him as “One of Melbourne’s hospitality stalwarts and with a

20-year career in the alcohol industry, Jason knows a thing about cocktails.” He loves


Djibouti (http://www.djiboutii.squarespace.com) Get there not only for The West Winds but

also the Caribbean Chicken...sweet.

Lobster Bar and Grill Shangri-La. If there is one lobster bar you visit before you shuffle off

this mortal coil, let it be this one....seriously.

Fatty Crab (http://www.fattycrab.com.hk/) - more meat than a skinny crab...and nice with

the gimlet...whats not to like?

Ted's lookout. (https://www.facebook.com/pages/TEDs-Lookout) The boys just got their

liquor licence so giddy up!

Pirata (http://pirata.hk) a new Italian venue from Manuel Palacio....in a word? 


Aberdeen Social Club (http://www.aberdeenstreetsocial.hk/) “Och aye the noo” ..strange

cos that means “Oh yes, just now!” Given that, great great place!

The Pawn (http://www.thepawn.com.hk)  Wanchai!!! Get down there as soon as the West

Winds is on the list...imminent!!

Ham and Sherry. (http://www.hamandsherry.hk/nowopen) Spanish tapas bar with a pirate

nautical feel.....which is nice!

Jason Chan's guide to Hong Kong

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